Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gift Giving:

Every Christmas, it seems as though I have the same issue: so many loved ones, so little time - and if you’re like me, you like to show people how much you value and appreciate them through gift giving. Gift giving takes time and effort so in order to help you out and speed that process up a bit, I have put together the ultimate guide of how to get the perfect gift for someone and a few great gifts that the whole family will enjoy! I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of buying gifts last

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Best hikes in South Africa

"We hike not to escape life, but for life not to escape us".   5 BEST HIKES IN SOUTH AFRICA 1. Golden Gate Highlands Rhebok Hiking Trail 31 km (1- 2 days)   Free State This trail should not be attempted without a guide to help you along the way. On this trial, you will see some of South Africa’s most beautiful natural wonders. Pack a sleeping bag and warm gear for one or two days camping on the trail. 2. Blyder River Hiking Trail 60 km (5 days)   Mpumalanga The Blyderivierspoort hiking trail is a long walk that will be sure to change

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The top campsites to enjoy

1. Beaverlac Camping, Cederberg, Western Cape Beaverlac is a comfortable, pet-friendly campsite, which makes it a great choice for a weekend retreat. Being only two hours out of Cape Town, Beaverlac makes a great option for celebrating New Year’s Eve under the stars. It's also brilliant as a Valentine’s getaway. Beaverlac has two excellent mountain bike trails or trail running routes (whichever suits your passion). It’s also home to the famous one day Leopard hiking trail, which boasts rock pools, rock art, and spectacular caves. 2. Tsendze Rustic Campsites, Northern Kruger National Park Situated just kilometers away from Mopani Rest Camp in the Kruger

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Why Flashlights Make the Perfect Gift

  With the most festive time of the year in full swing, you are most likely planning your shopping list and looking for the perfect gifts which are thoughtful, practical and will be enjoyed by your special someone for years to come. Here are five reasons why a giving a flashlight as a gift is a marvelous idea: Flashlights exceed phone torch capabilities: When it get dark, many people rely on their smartphone to shed some light. Sure the phone’s flashlight is convenient, but it simply does not offer a strong, adjustable light, and using the torch app drains the

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Fenix’s Best Camping Lights

One of the most common enjoyments about camping is sitting around a crackling campfire at night. It’s the perfect place to tell ghost stories or simply unwind. When it’s late and the fire has died down you need to be prepared for activities in the dark: • Settling in to your sleeping bag • Finding that needed lost item • (And fingers crossed you don’t have to do this), but going to the bathroom in the middle of the night Here is our list of Best Camping Lights for 2017: Best Headlamp for Camping – HL26R Between camp set up,

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NEW Fenix HL26R Running LED Headlamp is here!

Newest and greatest running and hiking headlamp is here! Introducing the newest headlamp from Fenix -The Fenix HL26R is an ultra lightweight rechargeable headlamp specifically designed for trail running. With built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery, it can be charged through Micro USB port. Featuring spotlight and floodlight, dual switches for fast operation, plus IP66 rated structure and fully reflective headband, the HL26R is competent for the complex environments of trail running and long distance hiking. Specifications Utilizes Cree XP-G2 R5 white LED and Nichia white LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours Built-in 1600mAh Li-polymer battery Features Spotlight Mode plus Floodlight Mode Spotlight

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The importance of using the correct batteries

LED FLASHLIGHTS ARE NEAT AND FUNCTIONAL BUT... Understanding the power source is critical! When it comes to selecting an LED Flashlight, you would be wise to start by looking at the battery(ies) it takes to operate the light. There are many battery types on the market, with each having limits on its use. Did you know certain environments require certain batteries? That's just part of the consideration when selecting a light. BATTERY TYPES, BATTERY LIMITS & BATTERY SAFETY all need to a part of your light selection. Today's batteries are varied and POWERFUL! There is much to know about all your

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Top 3 Considerations When Selecting a Flashlight

How Do I Know Which Flashlight to Select?  "There are too many choices!" "Why this one over that one?" Have you ever said that? Then this will help you narrow down your MANY choices. With all the flashlight variations and models, it can sometimes be overwhelming when deciding which light is the best fit for your specific needs. Since most of us aren't looking to buy ten different flashlights with all different features, we wanted to provide a list of the most important features to look for in an LED flashlight. By deciding on these features, you will narrow down

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Which Do You Need? Spotlight vs Floodlight

WHY a focusable light? There are sometimes when you require a flashlight that can see far away and other times when you need to illuminate a large space. For instance, would you like a light you can take camping that will light up your entire campsite as well as a dark wooded trail? If you could carry just one versatile light that could adjust between spotlight and floodlight, would that be helpful? Yes! WHAT – F Stands for Focused Fenix’s FD series features zoomable – or focusable – flashlights that can adjust from spotlight to floodlight. Spotlight is a narrow,

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4 Reasons Why Women Should Carry A Flashlight

First, you may ask, “Why should I carry a flashlight when my phone has one?” It makes sense to simply use the flashlight feature on your phone. Yes, it may give some light, but can it illuminate everything your needing to see? No. A phone flashlight gives 5-10 lumens, allowing light to shine on the contents in your purse, yet, it’s unable to illuminate your surroundings. Even a small keychain flashlight can provide 10x more light, allowing true vision.

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