The story behind 18650 batteries

Did you know there are several different varieties of Lithium ion batteries? For example, Lithium-Manganese Oxide, Lithium-Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide, Lithium-Iron Phosphate, Lithium-Titanate, and Lithium-Cobalt Oxide. These batteries help power a wide variety of products from cell phones to Hybrid Vehicles. Crazy right? Not only that, but there are rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions. Lithium-ion batteries were first invented by an Exxon chemist called M. Stanley Whittingham in the 1970s. Which, if you think about it, lithium ion batteries are still relatively new and evolving each year. In the midst of my online search, I learned that lithium batteries are not rechargeable, but

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Black Friday 2019 in South Africa

Black Friday 2019 in South Africa – Where you will get great deals. Staff Writer 25 September 2019 Taken From: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/black-friday/320819-black-friday-2019-in-south-africa-where-you-will-get-great-deals.html Black Friday 2019 in South Africa – Where you will get great deals Your email address Subscribe Black Friday 2019 takes place on 29 November, and South Africans can look forward to great specials from local retailers this year. While Black Friday is an American tradition, local retailers have now adopted this tradition. Black Friday is particularly popular among ecommerce players and it is now the biggest online shopping day in South Africa. While many online retailers focus their energy

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2019 Travel Bucket List – South Africa

Our 2019 travel bucket list South Africa, comes laden with surprises. Think you know South Africa? Think again… South Africa’s vastness means there are endless nooks and crannies lurking in amongst which you’ll find surprising mountain passes, caves, hamlets, little towns, or even whole cities that deserve a closer look. Scroll your way through our 2019 travel bucket list South Africa – we guarantee there’s at least one place you’ll be compelled to visit this year… 2019 TRAVEL BUCKET LIST SOUTH AFRICA 1. The caves of Kagga-Kamma, Cederberg If you haven’t already visited the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, an untouched

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Wild camp Tips & Essentials

To wake up to the mountain view and the sound of the flowing stream. No need to pay for your stay, which helps with your budget traveling style. What else do you need? With the correct equipment for camping in the wild and following a few simple tips, camping in the wild can be very rewarding. Check Worldering Around's top wild camping tips and the list of essential camping and wild camping equipment to have a great first camping experience in the wild! Wild camping in the “billion star hotel” in Svaneti, Georgia Let’s be honest. Wild camping and camping

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Money Saving Tips

People have been struggling to make bank for centuries, but with these clever tricks you’ll be able to save some money for those rainy days or that trip you’ve been dying to take to Pari(y)s. Host a ‘bring and braai’ There’s no need to skip out of social gatherings just because you live on a budget. South Africans love their braai’s, so host a bring and braai. Every guest brings their own food and drinks. This way you can party with your friends and still save some money. If you’re not to keen on having a braai, host a potluck party where guests contributes a dish to be shared.

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Wild Camping – Solo

Dreaming of sleeping solo under the stars but not sure if you’re brave enough to wild camp alone? I feel you! Here are my thoughts on gaining the confidence to give wild camping for one a try. HOW TO BE A HAPPY WILD CAMPER So first things first, what is wild camping and why is it so great? The romantic notion of sleeping in the mountains in a lone little canvas tent doesn’t just have to be a fantasy. Wild camping is the fine art of setting up your tent in the back of beyond and waking up a pocket

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Wild Camp Etiquette

For most campsites with a reception, it is pretty obvious what the rules of the camp are.  However, for bush camping and some of the remote community camps all over Africa, we as campers should agree to a code of conduct. These camps are not always managed properly and if we do not take control of keeping these scenic places in a serene condition, they will deteriorate. Camp in designated areas When you camp you interfere with nature, so try to disturb the environment as little as possible by camping in the designated area only.  Never camp near a waterhole. 

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Do you like the idea of packing all your kit into a rucksack and heading off the beaten track for a few peaceful days? There are a lot of mental and physical benefits to getting away from our busy lives and enjoying the peace and simplicity of sleeping out in the wilds. But while wild camping is seen as wonderfully carefree for those in the know, it can be a little daunting for first-timers. Do you know exactly what to pack and how to travel light? Do you know where you are allowed to wild camp? And have you thought

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How To Plan a Road Trip

Knowing how to drive a car will enable you to enjoy one of the most memorable vacation experiences, the road trip. The road trip is a general phrase that describes a long trek made in a vehicle for pleasure. Road trips take a little planning. Here are a few tips that will help make your first road trip a success. 6 Tips to Plan Your First Road Trip Decide on a destination. It is a good idea to choose a destination that is not too far away for your first road trip. A road trip can span only one day. For example,

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Road Trip Packing List

It’s almost Road Trip time, and you’ve started to think about what exactly you need to pack to keep your show on the road. Whether your doing a cross country road trip and driving Coast to Coast across the USA or road tripping South Africa’s incredible Garden Route, we’ve put together the Ultimate Road Trip Packing List to guide you through the various road trip essentials and travelling tips that will keep the car – and you – running smoothly throughout the trip. LITTLE ROAD TRIP ACCESSORIES THAT CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE Paper maps/Maps.Me App Paper Maps – because there isn’t cell service everywhere. Spare money Because cash is still king

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