Taking Pictures in Caves

You may wonder; why an article on cave photography, surely photography is photography, no matter where you are? Well, yes and no….   Yes…all the obvious basic rules of photography still apply know your camera and how it operates how light, lenses and apertures work how to compose a good picture With ONE major difference: The conditions in a cave vary notably from the normal average conditions under which a "regular" camera works most of its life. As is the case with underwater photography, operating a camera in a hostile environment such as underwater or in a wet, dusty, dark

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5 Life Saving Tips for Caving

Caving, also known as spelunking (or potholing, in the UK), is a great sport for those interested in exploring the hidden world below the Earth's surface, pushing their limits and having the adventure of a lifetime. It also comes with more than its fair share of dangers. Caving involves steep descents, slippery surfaces, cold temperatures and the risk of flooding. If you're hurt in a cave, there is no "nearest hospital;" there are only your team members. If you're new to the sport or are interested in giving it a shot, make sure you've got these five safety tips down pat before

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Need to know: Caving

World traveler and photographer Lola Akinmade Åkerström tells you what you need to know before planning your next trip spelunking or caving. Nothing unleashes your inner Batman faster than spelunking – a global sport also known as caving. This increasingly popular recreational activity has you explore caves or grottos, as you walk, climb, squeeze and crawl your way through tight passages. Enthusiasts can also zip line or rappel down different cave levels, and even dive underwater! With spelunking you never know what you’ll find around each corner while being guided by nothing more than a headlamp: Crawl spaces reveal interesting rock

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List of Caves in SA

South Africa is known for its wildlife and safaris, but the country also has dozens of subterranean treasures — caves that are portals to ancient human life. Many of them are home to ancient rock art and other findings that have resulted in a paradigm shift in how we understand the development of modern human behavior. In these caves, visitors can explore networks of tunnels, see beautiful rock formations, and get a glimpse into prehistoric life. Some of the top 10 caves in South Africa are accessible by car. Others, you’ll have to work harder to reach — by hiking there — but

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The physical and mental challenges of exploring caves address our deep rooted desire to venture into the unknown. Caving or cave exploring involves moving through a cave or a cave system, exploring the surroundings while protecting the natural environment of the cave. Many of our caves in South Africa are formed as acidic groundwater or underwater river dissolve away the limestone and leave cavities that range from a few meters to many kilometers in length and depth. A limestone cave takes millions of years to form, making a visit to the Cango Caves in the Little Karoo, Sudwala Caves in Mpumalanga or any of South Africa’s incredible

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A Night Spent in a Cave

A STORY BY : ADVENTURE ANNÉNE When my brother asked me if I wanted to sleep in a cave for a night, I was very excited. It’s not every day in South Africa that you get the chance to spend a night in a cave without feeling like you or your belongings might be in danger. However, when the time came for us to part on our adventure and I was the only girl and exhausted from the busy previous days, I was reconsidering. Maybe it would be better to just get a good night’s sleep and enjoy the sunny

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Tips for Night Bouldering Sessions

Is bouldering at night the perfect time to try your long-time project? It's true that the lower temps can mean better friction, plus you won't have to queue up for rock, but are there any issues with climbing in the dark? We highlight what's best if you're planning on cragging at night. There’s something special about being out in wild places at night, and sending that bouldering project you’ve been trying for months is always a bonus too. But we must not forget that as climbers we have to remember to act responsibly, else risk losing access to these areas

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What you need to know: Rock Climbing

Hiking—sure. Biking—no problem. But rock climbing? That’s one athletic adventure that has always seemed slightly beyond our reach. Dangling 45 feet from the ground, held only by a rope, sounds like a feat of Herculean strength we’re not sure we possess. But it turns out, scaling the side of an indoor climbing wall is actually a lot less scary than we thought. “Climbing is a very welcoming and accessible sport for beginners,” says Alex Johnson, a professional climber and five-time U.S. national champion. The No. 1 most important thing for beginners to keep in mind? Don’t feel intimidated. “It’s easy to get

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Are you ready to climb in the dark?

With the right headlamp climbing at night can be a whole new exhilarating experience. When climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson entered climbing history last year with the first continuous effort free-climb of Yosemite’s formidable Dawn Wall, they had to do much of their climbing at night using a headlamp. The Dawn Wall is the steepest part of El Capitan and is notorious for its smooth face and sliver sized finger and foot holds.  Besides the challenge of finding suitable holds, the warmer than usual weather made the climbers’ shoes less effective when gripping the rock.  To overcome the warm rock and slick

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Rock climbing in South Africa

South Africa has an abundance of rugged cliffs and soaring mountains perfect for all levels of rock climbers. South Africa Rock Climbing - The warm sun on your back, hard rock in front of you and nothing but thin air behind you – rock climbing is an adventure sport fit only for those with no fear of heights and a definite adrenaline addiction. South Africa has an abundance of rugged cliffs and soaring mountains perfect for all levels of rock climbers. South Africa offers some of the best and most diverse, rock climbing locations in the world and are awaiting

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