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C Series

C6 V2.0

Fenix C6 V2.0 is a micro rechargeable and compact outdoor flashlight with high output. It features four output levels with the max being 900 lumens. The tail switch is easily accessible and convenient: one switch controls on/off and output levels. The remaining battery level is indicated by an LED in the neck of the light. The C6 V2.0 features digitally regulated output and IP68 rated protection, this light is your indispensable tool for outdoors use.


E Series

Outdoor Flashlights

Adhering to the design concept of “Every Day Carry + Easy to Use”, Fenix developed its E Series outdoor sports flashlights. Featuring simple and practical output levels, easy and fast operation, plus its highly reliable design such as waterproofness and impact-resistance, the Fenix E-series models are your indispensable lighting devices for outdoor sports activities and everyday use.


PD Series

Portable & High Intensity Flashlights

Fenix PD Series flashlights provide incredible performance with its versatile designs and optimum size-to-output ratios. Whether it’s for outdoor, sports lighting, law enforcement or every day use, the PD Series models are your reliable partners anytime and anywhere.


RC Series

Powerful, Reliable, Rechargeable

The Fenix RC rechargeable flashlights are quick to regain power using the built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery and draw strength from stationary AC and on-board vehicle charging stations. Charging your flashlight is simple and convenient, which enables the RC series recharging flashlight to be your best choice when on any adventure whether is be hunting, hiking, and any outdoor activity the RC Series is ready for max performance every time.


TK Series

Tough & Powerful Flashlights

Based on the design concept of ‘’Tank-King of battlefield’’
The Fenix TK series models come with high output, extended reach, toughness and reliability, which can satisfy all your needs for hunting, search and rescue, law enforcement and lifestyle.


UC Series

High-performance & Rechargeable

Fenix UC Series can be charged via the Micro USB port standard. Housing the latest Cree LED technology the UC Series delivers lighting suitable for duty usage as well as every day carry. Combine this convenience with the incredible performance of the technology, and you’ve a got a truly unbeatable piece of gear.