Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gift Giving:

||Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gift Giving:

Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gift Giving:

Every Christmas, it seems as though I have the same issue: so many loved ones, so little time – and if you’re like me, you like to show people how much you value and appreciate them through gift giving.

Gift giving takes time and effort so in order to help you out and speed that process up a bit, I have put together the ultimate guide of how to get the perfect gift for someone and a few great gifts that the whole family will enjoy!

I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of buying gifts last minute knowing they will probably never be used. I enjoy putting thought into gifts and seeing the reaction on people’s faces when I know it’s something that they have wanted.

Here’s a few ways I get the excited reaction that I want:

How to find the perfect gift:

  1. Usually people will give away what they would like to receive in general conversation, all you have to do is pay attention. The sentence will probably start with something like: “I really wanted to buy a …” and will be followed by a reason why they did not or could not buy the item. Jotting these items down will show that you listen when people are talking to you and in some cases, that you have a great memory.
  2. Evaluate the gift receiver’s daily routine and pick up clues. For example, my mother goes for a run every morning and she can never find running socks in her drawers. A person can never have enough socks because she will literally need one pair a day.
  3. Back track in your WhatsApp or Messenger conversation and there is bound to be some good ideas in there. Print a funny meme they sent you on a t-shirt at your local print shop, they might have sent you a photo for some advice on something they liked but did not end up buying.

This is how I decided on my sister’s Christmas gift this year. I remembered that she wanted to buy something online but was too afraid of the process.

4. Be observant. My compact powder is slowly running out and it’s an item I make use of every single day (hint hint 😉 ). I always try to pick up if there are items in someone’s household that needs replacing or if they would appreciate a refill of a product so that they don’t have to make the repeat purchase themselves

5. If budget is an issue this year, make personalized vouchers with things like: ‘Free movie night’, or Voucher for girl’s night. This postpones having to pay for everyone’s gift all at once and may appeal to a quality time person more. There are free printable coupons online if you are struggling to come up with ideas.

6. Support Local. There are so many incredible South African suppliers selling quality products and are also contributing to building the economy so lets give them some business this festive season.

If you feel as though you do not have the time to complete these tasks, here are some Christmas gift ideas that the whole family can enjoy:

Fenix flashlight:

The gift that every South African needs at the moment. A rechargeable Fenix flashlight.

Gifts for her:

A mini Fenix flashlight to find lipstick in a handbag during loadshedding, or perhaps a camping lantern to make sandwiches… yip, during loadshedding.

Gifts for him:

Headlamp to braai with, to find keys during loadshedding. A rechargable headlamp with a runtime of 150 hours sounds great to me!

Personalized Photos:

Personalized photos in any shape or form are bound to make anyone tear up. Netflorist has made personalization easy and convenient. Make sure you order in advance to avoid disappointment.

Nespresso Coffee Machine:

If you are looking for a quality gift and you’re willing to splurge a bit, don’t miss out on Nespresso’s festive specials. Coffee pods are an affordable and easy way to make a Nespresso drinker feel as though you put thought into their gift.


I have never met a single adult human being that was not excited to get socks for Christmas. As I get older, I realize how much people actually need and love socks. It’s a great gift to tell someone that you were thinking about them!


A blender is a great and affordable gift because you can use it all year round. In summer, you can make smoothies and milkshakes while in winter, you can use it to make different flavour soups.


Music speakers are not just for the musical family but fun for watching movies on laptops and hosting parties. They are also so easy to operate and come in all shapes and sizes (and prices).

Please let us know what Christmas gifts you think are list-worthy or feedback on the products suggested!

We hope that you have an incredibly blessed festive season and a Happy New Year!

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